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Patience Isn’t Easy

Patience Isn’t Easy

Having patience isn’t always easy.


This is a time for perseverance – the type of financial climate that separates disciplined investors from impatient ones. The story of the stock market is the story of a long rise interrupted by inevitable downturns.


Most post-WWII recessions have lasted 18 months or less.1

In other words, don’t expect this downturn to last forever.


Don’t invest according to the headlines. The nightly news seems to only focus on the stock market when it is either ferociously healthy or in crisis. “Business as usual” doesn’t merit much coverage. But much wealth has been built in this country through slow and steady investing across calm markets.


Keep your eye on your long-range objectives, not the latest headline.


Mathematically speaking, you aren’t going to retire on the money you save today for retirement; you’re going to retire on the interest and compounding earned over time on the money you’re saving. Time and continuing investment contributions promote growth; withdrawals and inactivity do not.


Remember that you are investing for tomorrow, not this moment. If you have questions, you can always reach out to our office. That’s what we’re here for.




Nate Kosman

Ryan Antepenko


Please note – investing involves risk, and past performance is no guarantee of future results.



1 – www.cnbc.com/id/20510977 [9/4/07]