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Plan for Life Scholarship


In our estimation, education and time are the primary determinants of financial independence.

A degree or certification marks the first step to gainful employment. The accompanying paycheck not only pays the day to day bills, but also funds dreams. While many Americans struggle to get by, a numbered few carve off the requisite savings for future financial objectives.

While the youth are preoccupied with their wages or lack thereof, mature America laments time. "It goes too fast. If I could go back..." From a financial planning perspective, time is the most important resource just behind money. When time and money are combined, good things happen. The phenomena known as compounding interest was referred to as the 8th wonder of the world by a pretty smart guy by the name of Einstein.

In this instant gratification society, it may seem that temptation is getting the better of discipline. Studies contradict that notion. This generation does plan for the future when given the opportunity. The problem? Student loans, lack of financial literacy and a lack of peers in the financial industry have all been cited as barriers to planning for younger adults.

As part of our commitment to our community and our industry, the Rosselot Financial Group would like to announce the first annual Ron Rosselot, Plan for Life Scholarship.

Ron Rosselot grew up in a blue collar, lower middle-class home. He joined the Army to fund his education. He dreamt of owning a business. In 1986 he made that dream a reality. That business, the Rosselot Financial Group, has helped countless others realize their dreams of home ownership, paying for college, starting businesses and ultimately retirement. We hope this award will promote education, enable dreams and have a lasting impact on our community.

Candidates can submit their video applications to Video submissions must be emailed between Monday, April 1, 2019 and Friday, May 3, 2019. Any candidate, kindergarten and up, who submits a 60 second video expressing what Plan for Life personally means to them will be eligible for the $2,500 scholarship. Please note, any person related to an employee of The Rosselot Financial Group or The Rosselot Financial Group’s Advisory Council is not eligible for the Ron Rosselot, Plan for Life Scholarship.

All video submissions must be emailed with the following subject line to secure the contents of the email/video:

SENSITIVE - Ron Rosselot, Plan for Life Scholarship Submission

The following information must be included in the body of the email submission where applicable:
  1. Candidates Name:
  2. Name of School:
  3. Year in School:
  4. Guardian(s) Name(s):
  5. Guardian(s)/Candidates Phone Number:
  6. Guardian(s) Email Address: 

A recipient will be selected by the committee and announced on May 29, 2019 at 7430 Jager Ct Cincinnati OH 45230, with a reception to follow. The recipient will receive the scholarship within 12 months of the announcement ceremony.

The committee is made up of a pre-determined panel of judges from The Rosselot Financial Group’s Advisory Council Members. These members are not employed by or related to any employee of The Rosselot Financial Group.



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